Captaincy 2015

Jay Cushing

Lauren Reinsche

Kent Fernandez

Destiny Reeves


Leadership 2015


When the Captains come up with it


Page Captains 2015

YOU. If you are reading this and want to give SCAV your all, sign up to be a page captain. Page captains are the most important part of scav. They are the backbone of everything we stand for. You will be given a page of the list, and will be in charge of getting each one of those items completed. You don't have to do every item yourself (that would be impossible) but you need to make sure someone else does. You then need to make sure each completed item is in your box ready to be taken to judgement by Sunday. You most be spirited, organized, and ready to become a leader. Heck, depending on how you do you might be upgraded to Captaincy.