Firstie FAQ

Your Room

What does my room number mean?
The first digit is the section, the second is the floor, and the third is which room on the floor. So if your number starts with a TwoOoOooOOO, you are in section TWOOOooOOooO00o. Go to Building Page for visual aides and more information.

What is provided with my room?
Two each of the following: bunkable beds, sturdy desks, chairs, lamps, trashcans, ethernet ports. The room also has a phone, [shared] closet space with a towel bar and tallish mirror on the door, nearly 20ft (if you add up all the shelves) of bookshelving, an armchair, and a weird little end-table thing. The new desks have pull-out whiteboards (see details on this page). Most places in the building have decent wireless networking available. Rooms have a keyed lock, chain lock, and peephole for security, though this is almost never necessary as we have a close and trusting community. Feel free to keep your doors open when you're around.

What should we bring?
The New Student Orientation mailings should have provided you with a pretty good list of general things to bring to college. All that's necessary is clothes (including warm things for the nasty winter), a computer, toiletries, pillows/sheets/blankets, and some school supplies. As far as useful things to have around, you might want extra reading lamps, an answering machine, and a whiteboard for your door. And then whatever things you enjoy and will make you happy here. Posters and stuff. Also, if you realize you need something (tools, books, DVDs, cooking supplies, etc) chances are excellent that someone in the house has one you can borrow, so no need to bring everything "just in case."

What should we NOT bring?
None of the provided things listed above... furniture should probably be avoided until you see the rooms, settle in, and then decide what you need. Also, things that generate lots of heat (including toasters and halogen lamps) are not allowed.

What about pets?
The going rule is that you can only keep a pet if it can survive underwater for five minutes. So fish are OK, your favorite small mammals are not. It's a matter of being considerate to the building and your neighbors (cleanliness, allergies, noise, etc.) Also, no, you aren't the only who has thought of giving your cat a snorkel.

Can I paint my room?
Nope. In general, you need to leave it at the end of the year just the way you found it. So clean up that floor and whipe of that chalk you put all over your fireplace.

What's up with the fireplaces?
Some rooms have non-functional fireplaces. They're not bricked over or anything, so you can put a box or something in there if you want... but they just look nice and give you a little more shelf space on top. The Green Room has a real one.


Is there a TV? What about a pool table or other games?
Yes, in the rec room in the basement. There are two TVs with basic cable, VHS, and DVD capabilities and lots of couches. There is also a random giant desk, and the Adam Chaikof Computer Library. One TV is a flatscreen HDtv. Movies are shown there, and remember that you can get TV on your wired computer at ctv.uchicago. You can also play pool, table tennis, and foosball for free there, or MORTAL KOMBAT for quarters.

What are the bathrooms like?
Small but nice. There's a sink w/ mirror, shower w/ curtain, and bathroom stall. It sounds tiny for 8 people, but can accomodate 8 users simultaneously. Only three of you can do something at once though. Surprisingly, there are few conflicts using the shower, as people have different morning/evening routines... problems usually only arise when many on the same floor have their first class at the same time.

Do we have a kitchen?
Yes, in the basement. You can join the kitchen co-op for $10 per cabinet plus two quarterly cleanings to get cabinet and fridge space; but any resident can use the utensils, ovens, microwave, sinks, and toaster.

What about laundry?
Also in the basement. Four washers, four dryers, $1 per load per machine in quarters or from your cash stripe (not the same as flex dollars, but also on your UCID).

I heard we get some storage space.
Yeah, over summer break, students returning to Hitchcock can store five (5) boxes in the trunk rooms, plus fans, fridges and bikes. Nothing stays in dorm rooms.