The Building

To the unaccustomed, our house can be a rather confusing place. Its unorthodox layout has often left newcomers wandering for days through the winding stairwells looking for familiar territory. But with this illustrated guide, you can avoid this scenario and educate yourself, and look like an expert when you get here. Or it will still be incredibly confusing and you'll never find your way and be lost forever.

First, here is an overview of the building and room numbering, from the quad out in front. It is divided into five sections, the middle three primarily for first-year habitation, I and V typically filled with upperclassmen. These sections are columns each with its own entrance from the basement. Think about it in a Wayside School manner. So, the second floor or section 1 and 2 aren't connected. You have your own set of stairs to get up there... unless you find the secret elevator. Upon entry into the building, one must pass by the front desk and the Green Room. Travel between sections is allowed via a hallway in the basement, and each section has an exit to the arcade. Snell house is arranged differently, but is connected to the Rec. Room in the Section I basement.

To the right is a floor of a middle section (2, 3 or 4). The numbers in the rooms correspond to (for example) 231, 232, 233, and 234 on the third floor of section two. There is a landing in the middle: at one side is the bathroom, at the other are stairs up and down. As you can see, it is only possible to go up in your own section, not right or left into other people's sections.

Next we'll look at a freshman double. The measurements and inventory are taken from room 423 (and from before we got newer furniture), but they are all nearly identical. Some rooms have fireplaces and others don't; the furniture provided varies slightly in the type of chair and lamp. This is a plan of the odd-numbered rooms, so even-numbered ones will be mirror images. So here is an overly detailed view of what to expect:

The second and third floors of the three inner sections contain square freshman doubles, four to a floor on single sex floors. The fourth floor of each inner section contains two two-person suites (usually occupied by second-years and RAs). The outer sections (rooms 52x-54x and 11x-14x) contain a mixture of small and large singles and larger (and more strangely shaped) doubles (such as the horseshoes). In this mix are The Ranch (541), the largest single in the dorm, the Fermi Room single (523), where the famous physicist reportedly stayed briefly during his work on the Manhattan Project in Jones and across the street, and the only room with a private bathroom and tub, the Sagan Room single (116) where Carl stayed after he left B-J an an undergraduate.